@bacardi55 @wallabag I've been wanting to write a wallabag clone for gemini

@nytpu Wouldn't a plugin to wallabag makes more sens to have all "to read articles" in one place?
Or did you think of something like for comitium where the save of an article would generate a .gmi file to be hosted on a gemini capsule for both http(s) and gemini?

@bacardi55 I'd like a wallabag plugin but I don't know if such a thing would be easy to write, especially if it'd have to be in PHP. If I was to write one I'd probably write some dual hosting thing.

@nytpu I don't think it would be too hard tbh, at least php for me is easier than go than I'm currently learning (slowly) to help on cool gemini project like comitium ^^ I just need to find the time but maybe i'll look into it this we

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