Just received my bangle.js 2 watch ^^ :P

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@M0YNG Did you configure many things so far?
I just switched it on so far, the rest will have to wait after work :]

@bacardi55 I'm using "nifty b clock", dark theme, and have set the health tracking to record steps and movement plus heart rate every 10 minutes.

So far battery life is amazing, if you charge it when you shower and wear it 24/7 otherwise you will only need to shower every two weeks.

Screen colours aren't great, not sure if that is my specific watch or a general thing. They seem pastel?

@M0YNG @bacardi55 Super interested in hearing more about this watch from you two. :-)

@M0YNG @kelbot
I'll try to summon the courage after a few weeks of usage :p

But I've said that for the pinephone too…

Thanks! I've started playing with it a little and its faster and more responsive that I thought :)
Screen colors are clearly not the best, but for a watch like this it doesn't matter too much (at least for now).

One thing I weirdly couldn't figure out is how I enable and disable gps/HM/…
I found apps that allowed to see status but not to toggle them

I've played a bit with it during the afternoon, and I'm quite happy with speed and reactivity, works better than I thought :)
Colors are indeed a bit pale but fine for me for a watch

I've installed a few apps, but couldn't find for the life of me how to dis/en-able gps/HM/… Only found app that show their status and nothing in settings.
I've managed to get my android notification though via gadgetbridge.

@M0YNG I don't know if it's the same for you, but the pedometer is out of control counting endless steps even when sitted :D

@bacardi55 not that I've noticed. Are you using the Heath Tracking app or a different pedometer ?

@M0YNG I was using the gadgetbridge app, seems using the android beta one is better :)

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