I wrote a small script out of curiosity to transform a user feed into a format to access them via gtl :)
It's a bit hacky, specially for dates but it works fine :)

I'm afraid of opening the service to anyone to avoid load on station's server though… So I may need to implement some caching before… 🤔

If anyone is interested in the (quick & dirty) code:

gtl - gemini tinylog 

I've released gtl v0.4.8 with many improvement to the TUI:


Lot's of new changes in the past week or so, so I suggest to read the updated README.

gtl gemini tinylog 

Gtl v0.4.5 released: Mainly TUI improvements based on feedbacks (thanks @szczezuja :)):


gtl - gemini tinylog - v0.4.1 

I've released gtl v0.4.1 (if you missed v0.4.0, it is normal as it never happened^^).

TUI may still move, but it is fully usable to view/refresh/filter/highlights feeds' entries.


I've also added some emoji to indicate a tinylog status in case it isn't responding

Readme has been updated to so have a look :)

gemini tinylog tui 

Gtl TUI in action, I might be close to what I had in mind in term of MVP at least :)

#gemini #tinylog 

Tonight, I've both tagged the v0.3.1 of gtl and started the TUI (not part of the release).

The TUI is far from a fully functionning TUI, but less far from a usable MVP :)

v0.3.1 fixes a few issues and add new config.

#gemini #tinylog 

I improved the rendering of gtl (tool for tinylogs) in cli mode with colors and highlights:

I'm procrastinating on the TUI display ^^

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I had fun tonight playing with to build a TUI app.
For now it's still a CLI app but all the base architecture is there, just the interface remains for a workable MVP (and lots of smaller things) :)
That will be my first TUI app so it should be fun, specially in a language I'm not used to^^

#factorio game 

I did it, I finally launch that rocket ship… Only took me 50h :D

config updated… with a nice icon to stop/start dunst notification in case I'm sharing my screen :)
Also spend 5min switching my theme to dracula (with small modifications) thanks to @hyde 's link :)
I believe I didn't touch my i3/i3bar/i3blocks theme for almost 10 years :D

🤔 hmm… Non… Je ne vois vraiment pas comment mon expérience sera meilleure avec de la pub…
Soyez au moins honnête de dire que c'est pour faire vivre le site, pas que c'est soit disant un avantage pour moi de voir de la pub…


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