rant people comparing web and gemini 

People comparing the web and … Just stop.
If you want the web, stay on the web (and maybe use add-on to make it less crap). Gemini is NOT a replacement for the web. If you can't live without inline images, bold, flashy effect…
Well don't complain about gemini lacking them, it's on purpose!
Do you compare comic books or manga with "classic" books?
It should be the same for the web vs gemini.
And yes, the web is a comic book and gemini is a real book.

There is a new security release for so I'm updating my servers atm!
Also, seems the tls certificate for my personal capsule expired yesterday so expect a new one!
My capsule is now 1 year old (and 1 day) :)

Well, seems I can not make work again on one of my server (hosting tinylogs aggregator and houston)… The other server hosting my personal capsule had a smooth upgrade and everything is the same…
Even removing / reinstalling everything does not fix it, so I might need to take another server solution for at least this server 🤷
and the joys of

I've updated my capsule to latest as there is a security vulnerability in previous version.
Worked for my personal capsule but not for the one hosting tinylog aggregator and houston because apparently the TLS certificate are not good enough for this latest version (?).
In any case, it means that when I'll look into it tonight, I may have to change the TLS certificate for these 2 services :/

So happy to see that station users on gemini now have a tinylog compatible feed page!
It's now easy to follow users on station with gtl or lace without going to station too often \o/

Thanks a lot Martin!

#gemini #tinylog #gtl 

I've just release gtl v0.6.0. I think it is by far the biggest release so far (except the original first v0.1.0).
=> github.com/bacardi55/gtl/relea gtl v0.6.0
I'm quite happy about gtl state and I think I'm close to what I want for a semi final version (v1.0.0).
Read the changelog / docs as it has lots of changes (even compared to the alpha version!)

Was AFK the whole weekend (which was great :)). I'm just finding out that I'm mentioned in smolzine #7 :)
Thanks for the highlight @kelbot :)

#gemini #tinylog #gtl 

I've released an alpha version of 0.6.0.
Yes, it is an alpha because so many changes that I'd love some tests… And because I think a potential feature can still be squeezed in (hence not the beta).

Please read the changelog and the readme that have been updated:

I'm always using the latest commit so the added feature have been tested so it shouldn't all that buggy… Probably :)

I've updated how I manage my capsule and blog by moving from hugo + ugly shell script to + + less ugly shell script 😂

All capsule URLs have changed though (🤷) except for the atom/gemini feeds that I managed to keep the same as before for feed readers.


gemini tinylogs 

For those interested in reading people but don't want (or can't) install a tinylog client like lace or gtl, I've setup a capsule with all known tinylogs refreshed every 15min (for now, I may lower the frequency):
Funny enough, the format is also compatible with the tinylog RFC, so you could use gtl to subscribe to it :]
Tinylog RFC:
GTL client:

I wrote a small script out of curiosity to transform a user feed into a format to access them via gtl :)
It's a bit hacky, specially for dates but it works fine :)

I'm afraid of opening the service to anyone to avoid load on station's server though… So I may need to implement some caching before… 🤔

If anyone is interested in the (quick & dirty) code:

The "RFC" propsoal for has been updated lately thanks to fellow geminauts :)


Have a look, comment, create a tinylog and add it to the list in the repo :)

gtl gemini tiny log 

gtl v0.5.0 released!
Main improvement is ability to edit and publish tinylog from gtl (via your usual $EDITOR)
Also tagged v0.5.0 as it seems quite stable right now and might be the last tag for a while (but maybe not…)


gtl - gemini tinylog 

I've released gtl v0.4.8 with many improvement to the TUI:


Lot's of new changes in the past week or so, so I suggest to read the updated README.

gtl gemini tinylog 

Gtl v0.4.5 released: Mainly TUI improvements based on feedbacks (thanks @szczezuja :)):


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