Seems to be a nice tool for detecting changes on web pages:
I do this now with in a very simplistic way, but I like the diff view of this tool.

[Blog Post] Home Automation, part 5: Night and Morning routines:

Forgot to post it here since the entry has been published by mistake yesterday :P

So this we, I re-install my home setup, so I installed:
- A docker cluster swarm on 4
- for load balancing and automated https via let'sEncrypt
- Some web services containers (website, gogs, kanboard, …)
- home automation containers: (outside sarm) and
- Reconfigure domoticz zwave devices
- Import/Create flows in nodered
- …

You would think my todolist is now smaller now… But apparently not, it still grew over the weekend xD

Thanks to and , when I buy train tricket or book hotel room online (which I do too often), it automatically pull the confirmation email and create the events in my caldav calendar \o/
I know google does it, but I do it with only software with <3

I really like as an / alternative :)
I've set it up this week end and really like it so far !


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