I started playing with (, , , …) on my cluster yesterday…
It is far from ready to have exactly what I want, but looking at the usage stats so far… What is actually using the most resources on the cluster are… Swarmprom services ^^"

I've used my time home during this "quarantine" to relaunch my old and put it back on line at home on a cluster (I hope my ISP won't drop the connection too much because of this…). A couple of articles are ready for this week and other are planned… We'll see if it dies for 2 years like last time :D

I've also changed the url from bacardi55.org to bacardi55.io (should be a permanent DNS redirection)

So this we, I re-install my home setup, so I installed:
- A docker cluster swarm on 4
- for load balancing and automated https via let'sEncrypt
- Some web services containers (website, gogs, kanboard, …)
- home automation containers: (outside sarm) and
- Reconfigure domoticz zwave devices
- Import/Create flows in nodered
- …

You would think my todolist is now smaller now… But apparently not, it still grew over the weekend xD

Too bad doesn't support --privileged or --devides… Domoticz will have to be out of the swarm and link by network, that's sad :'(
(but still on one of the of the cluster)

Wow, if I want to add 4g internet connection to my for my project, it will cost me more than 120€ (a bit less for "just" 3G)...
Didn't thought that it would be that costly tbh...
Now I'm thinking about using an old smartphone to share its connection...

Apparently I suck with youtube settings, now the photobooth demo is public on youtube here: youtube.com/watch?v=HJ43O-nPQz

Hey, I've been working on a application for (in ) for my sister in law's wedding^^.
I didn't create the pip package yet but it's usable now. You can watch a 1min video of it running here:


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