I installed and configured grocy for managing food stock, meal planning and shopping list shared with my gf.

I'm very impressed by the tool so far :)

Goal is to plan better to limit waste even more :)

I'm looking for advice on a shared shopping list tool for me and my gf…
Requirements are simple:
- opensource and selfhostable
- Android app or responsive friendly
- Manage account & permissions

… And that's all! Nothing fancy, but there are so many crappy todo/shopping list out there that I'd like some feedbacks :)

Well, seems I can not make work again on one of my server (hosting tinylogs aggregator and houston)… The other server hosting my personal capsule had a smooth upgrade and everything is the same…
Even removing / reinstalling everything does not fix it, so I might need to take another server solution for at least this server 🤷
and the joys of

seems to be quite painful… Any feedback from teh masto community? :)

Seems to be a nice tool for detecting changes on web pages:
I do this now with in a very simplistic way, but I like the diff view of this tool.

Did anyone here updated their to 1.18? If so, any issues? I'm lazy to test and revert in case of issues so asking if it worked fine for you :)

Pfiou, finally done migrating 2 mail serveurs (one was managed "manually", the other in docker) into a new and unified mail server using (which is really great piece of software!)
Tooks time to migrate mails and refined DNS config properly, but I'm officially done and 2 DO droplet have been removed :)

Quick poll for people into : How do you manage logs? Do you centralize them in an ELK stack or equivalent (seems overkilled to me…)? Just manage each apps and or containers logs separately? Other?

Hmm, so if I want to have a status page (using tools like or cachet or …). I need to host it outside my solution… So i should host it on someone else computer, aka the cloud 🤔 …
I do have a do droplet but i also have services on it i would like to monitor…
So either having 2 instances of the monitoring tool (1 at home, 1 on do) checking services on the other host (🤢) … or using a dedicated cloud droplet/instance just for that… Which doesn't really seems worth it…


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