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New #Lagrange v1.13 patch released:

This fixes a few URL parsing issues and macOS window state saving, and adds flexibility to the TUI: there's an ASCII Emoji option and improvements for the VGA palette mode.


The mailing list has been dead for a while now. There is an archive here I believe:
There is comp.infosystems.gemini newsgroup though that could very well replaced the mailing list if people used it a bit more :)

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Breaking: Elon Musk buys #www.
Internet crowd moves to #gemini space.

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#smolZINE Issue 25

For the new folks this is my little #gemini zine that I put out twice a month with some hidden gem capsule picks, some entertainment and sometimes some other writings.

Issue 25 - gemini://

Previous Issues - gemini://

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sxmo - 1.9.0 

Oh btw, we did it :]

#sxmo 1.9.0 has been released this week-end !


- switch to pipewire and callaudiod
- less painful to support more devices
- superd to manage user daemons
- incall menus has been completly reworked
- probably some other awesome things I already dont remember of !
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rant people comparing web and gemini 

People comparing the web and … Just stop.
If you want the web, stay on the web (and maybe use add-on to make it less crap). Gemini is NOT a replacement for the web. If you can't live without inline images, bold, flashy effect…
Well don't complain about gemini lacking them, it's on purpose!
Do you compare comic books or manga with "classic" books?
It should be the same for the web vs gemini.
And yes, the web is a comic book and gemini is a real book.

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Floating in the depths of , Station is an outpost where can hang out and socialise...
This is so cool. I *really* enjoy seeing how people get creative on

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My aesthetic in a nutshell.

PS. I can't decide whether I want to read the ebook or physical copy if walkaway.

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Y'a des gens qui bossent ou qui ont bossé chez linagora dans le coin?

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The GmCapsule #Gemini / Titan server source repository is now public.

It has been running unattended for a couple of months, so the worst initial bugs seem to be gone. It is only at v0.1, though; I've got plenty of ideas for modules to add.

The requirements are a ~recent version of Python 3 and pyOpenSSL >= 21.

Repository (Python sources):

GmCapsule introduction:

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I strongly recommend everyone to read that article. It's one of the best thing I read online in a long time. It makes so much sense to me, it's really spot on. What a strange feeling as well to realize others have similar wishes and challenges. But what a beautiful way to word it. Thank you @ploum

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Oh ho ho. #gemini seems like a really neat lightweight web protocol.

"Somewhere between gopher and http"

There's even a graphical c/sdl client named 'lagrange' that runs on #haikuos

@alex @stupeflo
2ans passé là bas (bon, il y a un moment maintenant en 2010-12), mais je valide tout ce qu' @alex a mis ↑

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Released a new #Lagrange v1.12 patch:

This fixes a couple of regressions, cleans up some UI color issues, and there are updated UI translations.


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