Need to send a file securely to another dev ?

$ pip install magic-wormhole

(or apt install magic-wormhole)

Then you can do:

$ wormhole send path_to_file

This gives you a code to share with the other dev.

Receiving the file is just:

$ wormhole receive code


If you are a dev, this is easy to install and has many benefits:

- encrypted. You can send a private key or IP source code.
- no size limit. A 4Gb iso is no problem.
- no account needed. No argument.
- the system doesn't store the file in the middle.

Did I mentioned I works with directories as well ? You can even send a snippet of text to share bank details or a password with "wormhole send --text TEXT".

We need a GUI for this stuff :)

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The design looks a lot like reinventing webrtc, espacially the intermediary stuff that looks like TURN and STUN.

So maybe there is a webrtc tool equivalent in feature now.

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