1.4.0-rc.1 is out! This one brings huge changes : Add-ons and themes support, ability to upload audio files, 4k transcoding and so much more!

You can check the full changelog on :

Thanks to anyone involved in this release!

@rimugu I didn't follow that much the development of the application, last months.
You should better ask directly to devs: cc @Chocobozzz @rigelk

@Marno Of course! On PeerTube, you have the option when you click on "subscribe".

@booteille In terms of Fediverse proliferation, PeerTube is easily the #2 most important application. However, I wonder if its feasible in practice given the cost in running a CDN.


Okay I have to respect this addition: "Add instance follows list in a dedicated tab in the "About" page"

That is so important.

@booteille A word of caution to early adopters: this version seems to be broken under Firefox 60.8.0esr (bug link:

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