Do we have any good recommendations for an ethical git repository?

Framagit is in principle going to be de-activated as part of the policy; github is owned by Microsoft and has banned users based on geographical grounds (Iran/Crimea/Syria); I seem to remember gitlab also doing some bans; and I'm not sure about bitbucket.

Are there any long-term sustainable ethical git repositories for free-licensed software known?

@boud @switchingsoftware There is like a ton of small instance around. If one dies, you simply switch to another one.
Also hosting your own instance isn't very hard nor costly.

@otyugh @switchingsoftware

It's impractical to switch the git repository listed in a published research paper that aims for scientific . You don't want a reader in 5 or 10 years' time to have to rely on a search engine to guess where the old repository might have been shifted to. Errata can be published but that's rare in cosmology papers.

See e.g. or follow the hashtag for more.

@boud @switchingsoftware If I was a researcher, I would have my own domain name (for 10$/year anybody can afford it for his lifetime), and then with a VPS or with my own server, make this "lifetime URL" redirect to any of theses git repositories.

It could be even simpler/greater if you'd associate with other researchers to pay/maintain thoses, so when you'd die they could still maintain the stuff you did forever.
The spending in time, money, and skill is almost nill.

@boud @switchingsoftware what "ethical" means? In your example, Microsoft is incorporated in the US, so they must comply with the sanctions. Similar, if Getmany would impose sanctions on a country, codeberg must comply. @codeberg is this correct?

@af @boud @switchingsoftware and yeah, every entity has to adhere to local legislation, and some is more liberal than other

@af @switchingsoftware @codeberg

I didn't define what code of ethics, but there are intellectual ethical norms that the free-software definition is motivated by, so I guess I mean something like consistent with the aims of the free-software definition.

AFAIK, the free software community has only had problems with the US blocking code distribution (e.g. Debian used to have a subset of files for "us-only" in the early 2000s, which US-based users were restricted to).

@boud @switchingsoftware I use and it's great 👍 It uses the #Gogs software and is operated by a non-profit.

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