With two daughters at school, @alcinnz, you might know how I feel these days.

The worst issue is that many #Italian #teachers have been trained through #GAFAM webinars: people absorb them as #training while it's just #marketing.

Yet there is hope: I'm slowly spreading #Jitsi #selfhosting.


@Shamar @alcinnz exactly... My school provided us with a Google account. We have to use Google Meet everyday, with the provided account because, as my professors say, the school uses it to check user participation.

Ita: ogni giorno usiamo google meet. Dicono che dobbiamo usare l'account scolastico google perché le presenze devono essere tracciabili


@ranfdev @Shamar @alcinnz

If you're in the EU, then that's very likely illegal. You should officially inform your professors that they're violating the by forcing you to transmit your private data (IP number, name, student ID number, school name) for unnecessary reasons outside of the EU:

Your school could have to pay millions of euros in fines.

"But the pupils/their parents already signed a GDPR declaration on paper" does not make the privacy violation legal.

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