Is there a techie section at for non-racist, freedom-respecting git repository servers like @codeberg ? I had a quick browse just now and couldn't find any.

I agree that overloading the ordinary user with geeky questions is distracting, but seems like a reasonable section to me.

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Hi @boud,

we are currently teaming up with @ReverseEagle so there will be also a place for the "geeky questions" 😉

You can find their site here:

... and the git topic here:

including @codeberg 😁

Related issue on our repo btw:

@boud Hey, boud!

I'm going to echo what the amazing @switchingsoftware team said above. Our site hosts alternatives to popular proprietary developer software.

You seem knowledgeable, so if you have any suggestions / questions... feel free to contact me personally! ❤️

/bcc @ReverseEagle @codeberg

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