@civodul @reproducible_builds - Does anyone know of online (COVID-19 epoch) science workshops/conferences aiming at something like the "look and feel" of f2f science conferences, that have been or will be held using and ethical online services only? I'm only aware of .

See : the aim is to organise a meeting safely outside the . Likely tools are and / and .

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@boud @civodul it will be interesting to see what #FOSDEM21 will come up with I'm sure, though that will take some time

@boud Right after lockdown I attended a French conference for research software engineers called JDEV, which used exclusively BBB and other free tools. They might be able to give you tips.

The FSF also shared their experience organizing LibrePlanet on-line: (I think there was also a more hands-on post but I can’t find it.)

@boud @civodul Froscon a few weeks ago used BBB for everything. For our Vintage Computing Festival Berlin we will use a Wiki for participants and BBB for our online conference. Https:://

@boud @civodul @reproducible_builds I'm not sure what f2f is, but the conference Art Meets Radical Openness (AMRO) that has been held in Linz since the early 2000s moved online this year, used entirely FOSS and ethical services (and featured some artists whoso work is about ethical energy use online). It was brilliantly organised and seamless over three days: software included Big Blue Button, Etherpad, Peertube etc.

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Thanks! :) f2f = face-to-face

That's five past meetings already listed and two future meetings and may help convince my colleagues. :)


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