Evidence: the less press freedom there is in a country, the less noise there is in the country's daily infection counts. This is statistically significant at the p < 0.05 level.

Interpretation: less press freedom => more faking of "open" governmental data: SARS-CoV-2 counts.

Comments welcome on draft revision (81da1ae): = =

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@boud Thank you for using hard data to verify and confirm what a year ago was only an intuitive assessment:

Back then, you pointed out that I underestimated the difference between population and case mortality rates. In US, we so far had ~30M COVID cases and ~600k deaths – case mortality rate ~1.9%. The 3% I assumed in my projection of 18M cases and 900k deaths by July 2021 is not that far off, but it is now evident that mortality rate will keep going down.



This is now resubmitted for the next round of peer review. If all goes well :) the peer reviews and response(s) will become public after acceptance.

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