Informal poll for experienced people who have pinephones. Feel free to boost to increase the sample size.

I am using or expect to use my as my mobile phone:

@boud, we need to know what you need on a smartphone before voting. There are people daily driving the PP and those who only boot it every once in a while and their use cases are very different.


The poll is meant for people to answer based on their *personal* use case, hopefully covering a typical range of use cases.

People thinking of getting a pinephone and looking at the poll results will have to guess where they lie on the spectrum of requirements, and how good they think their abilities to hack, find community support and contribute are. Obviously, they should then browse the various pinephone forums to understand why people have ticked the different time frames.


The "I" in the poll is meant to refer to the person answering the poll, not to me. :)

I solved my last blocker yesterday thanks to a comment on irc. (I still have to post a usability bug/issue on it - trivial if you know what file to look in, unsolvable if you expect everything to work out-of-the-box and have no idea where to look).

I'm now using my mobian pinephone as my dailydriver :)))). (But I can't vote in the poll...)

I'm interested in knowing what was your blocker.

I'm still waiting for an activity tracker app to record my bicycle rides. For now I have no choice but to carry my Android snitch phone with me. Until such a time I flash an AOSP-based build without Google services. I would still prefer to ditch it entirely.

I could always purchase a GPS computer, but they are expensive... And have their own issues.

@normandc @cnx

My last blocker:

A point that I didn't say before is that, as a matter of both principle and security, I never had a smartphone before getting a pinephone; I only had a physical-button, minimalist, non-free mobile phone.

Solving this last blocker was *adding* a feature that I didn't have before - internet-over-sim-card access.

Avoid (or minimalise) becoming dependent on non-free software and you won't have to replace it.

Oh, I think I suffered from the same bug. I had to manually create a new APN to get SMS working. My provider (Koodo) is a subsidiary of a larger operator (Telus). Only the Telus APNs were detected.


The only thing keeping me from daily driver status on my Pinephone CE is the battery life. I need it to last at least 12 hours on a charge and right now it's closer to 4-5 hrs even when just doing limited things. The good news is that I see continued improvement in this area and hope by the end of the year it will be my daily driver.

@boud I'm working on a crucial app before my Fairphone maybe replaced by my pinephone. For phone calls, SMS, nextcloud NC VPN, calender2NC,... all this works already and could to me enable pp as dailydriver. However it depends on one crucial app ( password mgr!)

@boud Türkiye'de yaşıyorum. Telefon fiyatının 2 katı vergi alıyorlar.

I voted second choice, but I was using my Pinephone as a daily driver for 3 months until last month, when it wouldn't boot anymore on the first night of a 4-day trip. Fortunately I had brought a backup phone with me.

I plan to switch my SIM card back to my Pinephone soon. I've just been testing a different distro, and making sure it does what I want before I switch.

But as @PublicNuisance said, battery life is an issue. While away from home, I limit my use to bare minimum.

@boud I am daily driving mine and have been for a long time by now but I still can't specially recommend it to almost ever one even most true Linux nerds because the tradeoffs are still hard.

@Boud same here. Was using as daily driver but i require no suspend as i mostly use my phone to get mail and xmpp notifications (monitoring.alerts). Andhis causes me to constantly check battery level.

I also have pinetime but currently it is unusable on pinephone cause of frequent disconnects.
Atm i'm rebuilding my pinephone setting it up again. Also as we're all awaiting keyboards i am.experimenting with sway. I realized using phone in lamdscape on phosh will pretty much leave very little usable screen space.'

And yeah like what @Gamey :linux: :pine64: said. I would not recommend to most of people. Specially to someone who thinks he can replace his android phone and have the same level of usability on it. Not now, not in december and not ever i think. Would not recommend sailfishOS which is around for long time neither. More usable but not android replacement.

@boud My take is that by the end of next year (or earlier) the Linux Mobile ecosystem will have flourished so much more than what already has. That said, the Pinephone (at least the firs edition) is a bit too slow for a daily driver, so my hopes is to be running #postmarketos in another phone that's a bit more powerful.

@boud it’s not possible to use the pinephone as a daily driver and even 2023 seems overly optimistic. For those waiting on the Librem it’s even worse.

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