if a computer is in a frame of reference rotating at a high rate of speed, do relativistic issues affect keeping the cpu clock in sync etc?

(just curious. don't have enough math/physics background to fully appreciate an answer but would find it pleasing to know someone who knew it better could tell what would happen :D)



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A 10cm radius circular computer has a circumference of L_m = 63 cm in its own reference frame, which is 2.1 ns writing in units of time. Let's spin the computer at 1 Gigaradian/s and assume that it doesn't break apart.

Then the constant t' line (in the computer's frame (x', t')) around the computer's circular boundary will mismatch itself by about beta gamma L_s = 0.24 ns. So a synchronisation signal sent one loop around the circumference will mismatch by 0.24 ns.

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