@bronco I like the idea, but amazon is a “trusted third party”: I know that if I don't receive the product, or if it does not suit me, I can reach out to amazon and get my money back.

@Faibbus @bronco credit card providers and things like PayPal also handle fraud cases FYI...

@bronco another option is to go in a local shop and order it if they don't have it already (delivery in less than an hour) :)

@frankiezafe @bronco Yes, that is the best option as some companies still use Amazon to handle remote or local deliveries for items ordered directly from them.

@frankiezafe @bronco i know someone who was looking for some spare part to repair something, and he could only find it on Amazon. So he asked to a local store, and a couple of days later they had the part. Curious, when he picked it up, he asked how they got it so easily and they reply was something like "Oh we ordered it from Amazon. Actually, you could have done it directly yourself".

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