@bronco we used to have living wages and unions, what happened to all that
@fluffy @bronco socialism bleeding into government and economy happened
@bronco hoarding gold is a stupid way to grow wealth so I'm not surprised he's not the richest American.
@Moon @bronco the idea that the wealthy are sitting on a pile of cash like a dragon really hurts the understanding of wealth disparities.
@lain @bronco @Moon
(Carl Barks apparently did a phenomenal job with Scrooge McDuck and his money bin...)
@rru142 @lain @Moon @bronco a money bin full of double eagles is way different from a money bin of sacagawea dollars

@hakui @bronco @lain @Moon Oh, that old duck was quite aware of that and covered its bases:

The Money Bin also contains various valuable artifacts like the Golden Fleece,[22] the Crown of Genghis Khan,[23] the Crown of the Mayas,[24] the Candy-Striped Ruby[25] and the Goose Egg Nugget.[26] According to Carl Barks’ story The Fabulous Philosopher’s Stone (Uncle Scrooge #10, 1955) Scrooge also owned the Philosopher’s Stone at one point, but it was later confiscated by the International Money Council as it could devastate the economy because of its capability to turn base metals into gold.


@rru142 @Moon @bronco @lain >alchemizing more gold devastates the economy
>but printing fiat is a-ok
@hakui @bronco @lain @Moon Yup - but every large organziation (kingdoms, states) that get their feet wet with that money thing (sorry for the very lax expression) sooner or later go for that route - so it seems to me.
@hakui @bronco @lain @Moon Maybe _he_ would stop once the money bin is full and he could take no more baths :-)

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The picture show Smaug (the dragon from The Hobbit) who possesses/stole tons and tons of gold.
Forbes ranks Smaug as the 2nd wealthiest fictional character. He had been 1st but the price of gold took a tumble, so Forbes' estimation is 51.4 billion $

And 14 real Americains have more money. More than an entire mountain full of solid gold.
"Please consider that next time you say deca-billionaires deserve their wealth and shouldn't pay their employees living wages."

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