Okay, #python people. I've been reading about #virtualenv and I totally get it in the context of development. What I don't get is distribution. If I finish building a command line app in python and want to share it, would everyone that wants to use it have to set up a virtualenv on their end to do so? And what about in context of a cron job? Is it normal to script a wrapper that launches it in virtualenv context? What am I missing here?


@tomasino just make a PyPI package so people cas install it with "pip install my_app". You can provide binary installation too.

Wheter to use a virtualenv or not should be the user's choice.

People who want/needs it, devs most of the time, can handle it without your README 🙂

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@cebash if my pypi package has a dependency on an external library, it's not bundled for me, right? When a user installs it will it update their system lib or mismatch? I could create conflicts for them? Or will it distribute in a semi compiled way that pre built?

@tomasino that's the problem with pip, it will compile the python dependencies but the user must have installed all the libraries, headers and compilers of its dependencies to work. I know some packages provide binaries but I don't know how it works.

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