@switchingsocial Do you have an alternative to trello ?

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I've been using the "Deck" addon for nextcloud recently, and have been finding it quite lovely. The only thing I see that some may not like is that there doesn't appear to be a way to make a board public for the world to view w/o registration, which I've seen some communities and artists use to show project process.
@switchingsocial @Framasoft @ciaoquentin

Kanboard is quite easy to self-host.
Wekan is more feature-rich and trello-like, but needs more system resources.

@ciaoquentin @switchingsocial Wekan ( is probably what you want. Phabricator includes kanban boards, too.

There's been some noise about Nextcloud's Deck getting publicly sharable links, but that hasn't happened yet:

@ciaoquentin @switchingsocial has Kanban boards, too, and it‘s open source

@ciaoquentin @switchingsocial
Recht minimalistisch und optisch ansprechender als Kanboard finde ich Taskboard ( ). Auf der Website gibt es auch einen Demoserver zum ausprobieren.

Habe beide Systeme, #Kanboard und #Taskboard, auch schon mal erfolgreich mit #Lighttpd auf einem #Raspi2 zum Laufen gebracht.

@ciaoquentin @switchingsocial

Sorry, now in english:
A quite minimalistic alternative to
#Kanboard is #Taskboard ( ). You'll find a demo-server at the website, to play around.

Both systems, #Kanboard and #Taskboard, can be self-hosted. I already tried this successfully on #Raspi2 with #lighttpd and #ngnix too.

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