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There are 1,152,960,944 lines of code in Debian bullseye.

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Say hello to bookworm: FTPMasters have created the next testing distribution, codename bookworm, as a copy of bullseye. It will get its first updates from the unstable suite in a few days time when the release cycle begins all over again

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🇨🇴🇧🇻🇩🇪 Quel êtes-vous en train de lire ? Ou comment identifier une langue d'après les qu'elle utilise. C'est par ici ! Par Max Frais et Øystein H. Brekke. ⤵️

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Je suis très heureuse de vous présenter le site qui explique de façon accessible ce qu'est læ fédiverse aux personnes qui le découvre ! 🎉

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KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08 comes out Tomorrow! KG⚙️21.08 brings updates and new features to your favorite apps. We made ads for some of them, using different styles and perspectives. Here is an ad for Elisa, KDE's simple, but fancy music player.

Today: Elisa (
Yesterday: Dolphin (
Monday: Konsole (

Get More Apps:


Music is Emotional ( by Barradeen, CC By-SA license.

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We’re especially encouraging people from groups underrepresented & marginalized in open source to apply! ♥

Also don’t hesitate to contact me if you have doubts or questions. :)


Want to work to protect people’s privacy?
We’re looking for folks at, including:
🖍️ Illustrator & animator
💻 Web designer & developer

Both remote, see details at
If you have questions, get in touch! :)


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Me: I'd like a hex table, please.

Google: Do you mean this random English village?

Me: I'd like an ascii table, please.

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What would advertisements for different KDE apps look like? KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08, an update to many of KDE's applications, comes out on Thursday, and we decided to give it a go.

Today: [Konsole](
Tomorrow: [Dolphin](
Wednesday: [Elisa](

[Want more apps?](

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#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg again: 85 (!) updates, 6 new:

* eduVPN: connect securely to your institution or Internet
* Ghost Commander - SMB plugin
* VolumeLockr: control and lock the volume of your device
* WeeklyBudget: minimalistic budget app
* XClipper: clipboard manager
* Offline Puzzle Solver: Sudoku a.o.

Too many updates to skim, but GhostCommander is there.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

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After a slight hiccup in the build process our 2.3.0 update just landed on @fdroidorg! Download it now for:
🏷️ tagging (grouping) of podcasts
👛 funding links to support your favourite podcasts, via #PodcastIndex
▶️ a refreshed player screen
🌐 fixed proxy support
📖 quick chapter jumping on the player screen
And more:

Thanks to all contributors who made this possible!

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[FR] Le 3 août 2021, notre plateforme εxodus a passé le cap des 100 000 applications uniques analysées.

C'est un cap important pour l'association, les bénévoles qui l'animent et la communauté qui nous suit sans faille.

Merci à toutes et tous.

[EN] On August 3rd, the εxodus platform analyzed its 100 000th unique application.

It's a huge milestone for us, for the volunteers and the community who follows us.

Many thanks to everybody.

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Nextcloud Talk 12 introduces voice messages, location sharing, Outlook integration & more!

With Nextcloud, enterprises, educational institutions and private users can immediately benefit from a decentralized, ad-free, surveillance-free complete communication experience!

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