@strikersan Yes! But it has some bias toward straight directions (up/down right/left) which does not feel at all like a trackpoint :p

@cyril I'm looking for a mechs with a trackpoint I really like them but unicomp and M13 one sucks. I might get a tex shinobi which is in preorder for now and sourced their trackpoints from lenovo reseller

@strikersan Yes they are not easy to source, that’s part why I made mine. Did you try trackballs? That’s the next thing I will try as a pointer device

@cyril Yes I own three of them. I use one per hand. I right now have a kensigton expert on my left and a elecom huge on my right (I changed the bearring because the original suck)

@strikersan Would you use tiny/medium ones that could be embedded in a keyboard?

@cyril I rather use a trackpoint, I never saw a good placement for a trackball, it's mostly the same as a trackpad you have to move your hand to use it. and the bigger the ball the more presice they are.


@strikersan Ok cool, so it might be something to try one day! That one looks really nice

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