@nitrokey @_1751015 I did not look at the code, but I think the STM32F103 has no hardware way to generate true random numbers. So I guess it would get entropy from ADC or user inputs?

Keybi | 65. DIY Mechanical keyboard, firmware based on the Nitrokey Pro source code: github.com/cyril-L/keybi_firmw

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Un formidable article de @bortzmeyer sur le Framablog où il met le point sur le i(nternets) au sujet de la capacité d'Internet à tenir la charge pendant le confinement.


@ekaitz_zarraga @xahlee @mntmn Vacuum air bearings? 😆 youtube.com/watch?v=K_N_h_mKf- (not sure that spinning forever is a good thing for a trackball)

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ESP32 trick: Use your microSD jack as a JTAG connector! The ESP32 JTAG pins are all shared with the SDMMC bus, so you can use a microSD breakout board to connect them to your JTAG debugging tool.

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a MNT Reform 2 prototype. with some keycap lettering already rubbed off

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forgot about the time i was in a thrift store and found a Sony CD-ROM bay module that pops out into a numpad

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