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David Revoy @davidrevoy

⚛️ Work-in-progress screenshot

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@Dolus haha, I hadn't this in mind 😆 but now I feel the grappe palette too :) yummy; thx!

@davidrevoy awesome!!! I wish I could use krita! but I feel as dumb as a snake with a shovel!

@davidrevoy I didn't know this comics, the graphic is really nice. How many people work for this project?

@ragazzonoioso Thank you, it's peppercarrot.com/ , and i'm doing almost all on it, exept: all the translation (a vibrant community of translators are around the project) and I also receive many feedback and inspiration by a core number of contributor who help me to 'betatest' the artwork and story. We work almost like for softwar dev, with Git, beta, bug reports; and finaly many contributor helps me financially to make this my full time work. A dream project :)

@davidrevoy imo, it's a good idea and a pretty project 😀. I will read it soon..so no spoiler! :thinkerguns: