@davidrevoy nice photo! How long do you think it would take you to digitalize it? I want "moar"!! hahaha

BTW, nice tablecloth! ;P

@moshtodon I'm doing the scan right now and cleaning/cropping ; I'll try to release an alpha version for the contributor on Framagit ( framagit.org/peppercarrot/webc it will appear as a pre-alpha version in the "issues" ) this evening or during the week-end... Entering the SVG draft-text and sound FX might take longer than what I expect 😂

@victorhck I tried the latest KDE Neon on this laptop, the one based on 18.04. So far, all works perfectly 👍

@davidrevoy Great! openSUSE Tumbleweed with Plasma over here! ;)
BTW time ago I spread in my blog about a smart witch and a cute cat

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