Any ideas about a mascot for ?

🐢 🐰 🦊 🐷 🐨
🐸 🐼 🐦 πŸ¦„ πŸ₯
πŸ¦‹ πŸ™ 🐬 πŸ¦‰ πŸ“

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@davidrevoy The whale! Or the owl... I kindda like the Owl. :D

@kurzgedanke @davidrevoy

owl or butterfly

not whale, it's already used by FunkWhale :)

@kurzgedanke @funkwhale @gergely

The emojis I added were just here because I'm not enough confident to send a toot on my timeline without a little something visual :D

It is not meant to be a list with pre-made choice. Any other animals/objects/cross-over/characters/creatures are possible

@davidrevoy An owl because it 'peer's at you. :p

To be honest though, I suspect a cat, associated with videos since the dawn of catvideos might be, while clichΓ©, also make the most sense.

Each instance will contribute to building a forest

@davidrevoy A marmot : it's an "r" away from a mamot (Mastodon) and it's riding tubes...

@davidrevoy Even if it's already used by many organizations, the octopus makes sense.

@davidrevoy i'll always be team 🦊 until they finally add a red panda emoji !!!

@davidrevoy I'd say *not* a fox (potential trademark issues as well as having problematic ideological connotations) or a frog (very problematic ideological connotations).

@davidrevoy Clearly a weasel (tuberat) holding a telescope (a literal peertube).

@davidrevoy obviously a pear with a tube stuck through it? No?

@davidrevoy Something like a starling ? Those often fly in large (and nice) clouds.

Or a fish shoal ? (probably not easy to represent in a logo)

@bumblebee @davidrevoy
Yes, seconding this one. I think Starlings are most representational.

@davidrevoy bees. they relay information through dances they have to show each other.

@davidrevoy I vote for πŸ™ because it is ripe for imagery for pulling in video bits from all over the place with its many adorable arms!

@davidrevoy seconding the vote against the frog (it's not nazi software) and the pig (it's not cop software), but I like the octopus

or maybe
Community, sharing and communication

@davidrevoy A better project name might suggest a mascot or logo more easily. (Peertube says "Hi! We're a YouTube clone" in a way that Mastodon *doesn't* say "We're a Twitter clone" which makes space for a unique identity)

But I suppose it could work the other way around. Pick the mascot first.

I'd go with 🐼 or πŸ™


what about a humanized super8 camera, 60s model TV or cinema projector instead of an animal? πŸ˜€

@davidrevoy anything, but of course it has to be πŸ”΄ red

🍎 πŸš— 🐦

nothing can go wrong with a dog and everything can go wrong with a dog...all dog owners know this...

@davidrevoy circle of televisions holding hands? πŸ“ΊπŸ“ΊπŸ“Ί

Une étoile de mer? Avec les branches des l'étoile pour le p2p (et en plus c'est dans le thème marin comme @funkwhale )

@davidrevoy For some reason I want to say aye-aye.

I think it's the big fingers, and the piercing eyes. Looks like they've been up all night clicking through video after video.

@davidrevoy I'm torn between the cliche Owl and the young chicken (chick).

I'd say a dragon too, but that's just because I love your depictions of dragons. ;)

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