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David Revoy @davidrevoy

Thanks for all the ideas yesterday! So, mascot, round 2: A, B or C?

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@gordon @davidrevoy They are pretty cool. Yet I have a little preference for A.

@davidrevoy I prefer C but I have the feeling that A would be better suited for that project

@bram @davidrevoy actually I agree. C looks more... triangular. I can easily associate it with the current logo.

@bram @davidrevoy actually I agree. A looks more... triangular. I can easily associate it with the current logo.

@bram @davidrevoy actually I agree. A looks more... triangular. I can easily associate it with the current logo.

@bram @davidrevoy

I totally agree, but don't you have the impression that it looks like, not in colour, but in the shape, that it looks like the Twitter Mascot?

@davidrevoy C, definitely, it's the only one that does not remind me of an existing mascot :)

@adngdb yeah but the octicon looks quite different (at least to me), while the birds remind me of birdsite icon.

And conceptually, I think peertube is closer to birdsite than github but it's completely subjective.

@eliotberriot @davidrevoy

But C reminds a bit GitHub Mascot, dont you think?

@davidrevoy A ! Le poulpe et la chouette c'est déjà beaucoup pris (respectivement github et ulule dans ma tête), alors que l'hirondelle j'ai pas souvenir, et surtout, je trouve l'image des hirondelles sur un fil très cohérente avec l'idée de fédération.


I vote for C, but the rational arguments from @adngdb get the point too !

@adngdb @davidrevoy : Bah dans ce cas le zozio fait très très Touitteur ;)

@danslerush @davidrevoy

Ah alors c'est marrant parce que j'ai absolument pas pensé à twitter, leur oiseau étant bleu et très caricatural, j'ai pas fait le lien. Et j'ai pas souvenir d'un logo connu qui reprenne une belle hirondelle grise et blanche.

@adngdb @danslerush @davidrevoy

Je trouve aussi que ça rappelle twitter. Et surtout, Github est pas aussi connu du grand public que twitter. (Mais c'est surtout B. qui me rappelle twitter, A. moins.)

@eliotberriot @adngdb @davidrevoy : Ah moi ça m'a fait penser à Hootsuite 🤓 Mais je suis d'accord globalement

@danslerush Yes, Hootsuite pour moi sur le B. Mais j'étais pas sûr que ça existe encore... :P

@adngdb @davidrevoy

Entièrement d'accord, par contre, la forme d'une hirondelle me rappelle l'oiseau bleu.

@davidrevoy They are all great but I have a small preference for C.

They're all beautiful, but I have a preference for the C.
Symbolically it also reminds us of the federation. So many legs to connect to others.


Indeed, but C reminds the GitHub Mascot, A looks like Twitter Mascot, and B looks like a bit heavy.


It is not false but it is distinguished by its orange color ^^ and it did not merge with a cat like that of github.

@davidrevoy AAAAAAAAAAAA (you may want create a framadate to count the votes easily)

@davidrevoy (by the way, really nice job for the triangle on the wings of the swallow)

@davidrevoy Awwwww can I adopt the octopus ? (C <3)

@davidrevoy i'd go for A :) C is pretty cool but since all those sea creatures freak me out a little i can't vote for it^^

i find the A bird looks closer the the logo (beak = orange triangle & wings = black one and grey one)

@davidrevoy It is impossible to choose: they're all so cute!

@davidrevoy A or C :) (I prefer C, but as said by others it feels less unique)

@davidrevoy la C, j'ignore si Splatoon m'influence dans mon choix 😊

@davidrevoy all of them! They are so cute! 😊

I love the treatment of the little "play" triangle.

Maybe Peertube could have a whole set of mascots, with that triangle linking/uniting them all? 😍

(If I really had to choose, I'd say A)

@davidrevoy C is the cutest, but as a unique mascot, A is more adapted.

@davidrevoy definitely c. firstly because it's an octopus, and octopuses are cute, but also because the many arms kinda symbolises outreach to lots of different sources.
and also because birds are just reminiscent of Twitter, and have a different personality

@davidrevoy I like the A a lot, but it look a bit too much like a pokémon.

@davidrevoy A is cool but doest it mean "no federation for winter"? 🤔