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@davidrevoy Why do you sometimes mirror the image while painting?
(btw, nice!)

@BartG95 Thanks! Good question: It is a traditional art technique (looking to your drawing in a mirror, software like Krita have the "M" key for that).
In art, it's easy to become blind to the error after 1 or 2h with the eyes on the same canvas. The brain tends to fix them for us. But if you mirror the artwork; the brain suddently doesn't recognize the canvas and loose its autofix ability. You suddently recover all critical cognitive perception; and you can spot the error. A precious tool:)

@davidrevoy I loved watching this! Thanks for sharing. I'm excited to check out some of your other videos (thanks for putting them on PeerTube btw) and Pepper&Carrot!~

@davidrevoy So great! I really love how you used the Symmetry tool.

@davidrevoy I love these posts and your comic 🤗 thank you for sharing it with the world


Not a specific version. It runs on the tablet compatible with Win/Mac/Linux. I know a dev who use a Microsoft Surface with Win10 on it. For example, You can adapt the docker/GUI to be "touch friendly" ( the Touch Docker )