@davidrevoy yo, that's your *warmup*!?

Do you know of any good videos on krita? I've never been super knowledgeable about digital art, so it's mostly line art over here


Yes, this little drawing is a warmup; but don't be suspicious; it is my default-face-doodle warmup; no specific expression, the angle that is the easiest for me, and the coloring is just a "juice" almost flat on the top. It took less than an hour; but I posted it because it looked better than my usual warmup. (I have a full sheet of doodle only this week).

For the video; @aaribaud is right, I have a channel with videos, they are listed on my website davidrevoy.com/categorie5/tuto

@davidrevoy's warmup > > my own ideal (i.e. never ever reached) best... :)

Won't stop me from keeping on drawing, mind you, nor from trying to understand how David does it.

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