That bag is really funny.
Other side, the art drawn is great.
As usual.. Indeed.


I remember when I was a kid I couldn't resist to jump :D I wonder why it disapeared. Maybe when I started to clean my own clothes :D

Thanks for the comment about the bag. Without this bag, the picture was a bit boring. Adding a frog-designed bag quickly built-up the theme of the picture: frogs jumps, frogs like puddles, frogs are in comfort zone under rain. So, that was a cool device to add more meaning and force to this drawing.

Thanks for the explanations and the fact on your childhood (same for me, loved jumping in water.. Under the rain.. Again.. And Always.. But yeah.. Cleaning is the downside to the fun)

As for the bag, yeah it add a touch of natural mood from a child, that's how we ALL react by the past when seeing rain falling haha) !

This was the good ol' time.

@davidrevoy Cute! I love rainy weather. Some find it depressing. But I love the sound of raindrops, and thunder. I wish I had that bag when I was little 😂

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