Today is day and I want to thanks all my wonderful supporters who have made possible for me to keep working on my dream project: the fully free/libre, open-source and independent webcomic Pepper&Carrot. Thank you a million times for your support!

@davidrevoy Blender 2.8 makes A LOT of steps in the right direction regarding cleaning up their mess of a UI.

@davidrevoy Although IMO, they should take a page (or rather all pages) from the book of Sketch-up and introduce a modelling mode similar to what we see there.
I mean hell, they did the same with zBrush and intruduced Sculpting mode, why not make a Sketching mode.

We already have the basis - a destructive extrude method plugin:

Is there any place where I can suggest that to them?

@davidrevoy I really want to check it out. I just unsubbed from CC which I kept only for After Effects at this point.

I'm hoping I can use 2.8 for motion comics/short animations with cutout/paperdoll assets.

@davidrevoy Blender 2.8 loves you back. Or should I say Blender ❤️.❤️❤️

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