(🧙‍♂️ Pss! Pss! I'm testing a new technology for the next episode of Pepper&Carrot and I need your feedback: does this video loop animation displays and plays automatically on your side? Test link (303KB) : is it smooth? on Mac? Win? GNU/Linux Distro? Phones? Thanks for your time!)

@kaerhon Thanks! Under the video loop, I describe what I used: it is a mp4 video with video tag to loop (to replace gif animation). Other than that, it is a Krita+Blender animation.

@kaerhon @davidrevoy Works flawlessly in Firefox w/ uMatrix and uBlock Origin on Ubuntu 18.04.

@tobi @kaerhon Thank you for the feedback with this extensions! Good they don't block the autoplay of video tag. I imagine so many advs use that; it is probably tempting to build a rule and stop autoplay for all. I'm glad it's ok!

@davidrevoy I was surprised it just worked, as well 😅

@davidrevoy Yes it does for me. Here in the US, using the Vivaldi Web Browser.

@ScribbleAddict Thank you for the feedback with the Vivaldi Web Browser! That's good to know.

@xinayder Thank you for testing with the Bromite Browser. Does the " Your browser does not support the video tag." sentence appears ?

@davidrevoy nope, the video renders but won't play. looks like it's a still frame

@xinayder oh. A still frame is not that bad in case of a comic. Thank you for this extra feedback. I probably need to select an apealing frame1 in case of this type of freeze , for not breaking the reading continuity.

Maybe the still frame require you to right click and press play? (sometime webbrowser banish totally autoplay of video. eg. it looks like Firefox does, unless the video has the tag "muted")

@davidrevoy right, I had autoplay blocked. added an exception and it's working! totally forgot about that setting :P

@davidrevoy super smooth on chrome 71 and mostly smooth on palemoon 28.2 (it hitches on loop, but I think that's because I have over 300 tabs open...) on windows

@Troupier Merci pour le retour (et bonne année au passage!)

Android (FOSS Browser): video is smooth, cloud on the right is blinking, but I believe it was meant to be that way.

Will pass it on.

@m4iler Thank you! Yes, the blink on the cloud are my paint-over attempt in Krita; and I didn't painted a lot of frames. xD I could paint more in-betweens ¯\(ツ)/¯

@davidrevoy No, it's nice. Gives it some kind of je-ne-sais-quoi, it really made me look again.

@davidrevoy It does not autoplay on iOS on either Safari or Opera Touch. Displays as still image.

@gendor Ha; ok. Thank you very much for this precious feedback. So, you can still see a frozen frame of the video? Does the picture has control (play/stop/timeline) over it?

The main problem with replacing GIF with VIDEO/MP4 html is the webbrowser that prevented to implement the 'autoplay' because adv went crazy with the autoplay feature and the webbrowser prefered to protect the user against the noise. I'll have a look if a workaround exist for this webbrowser.

@davidrevoy I did not see any controls. By the way, I just tested it in Opera on Ubuntu and it worked just fine.

@gendor Thank you for testing in Opera, I was missing this test on my list. 👍

@davidrevoy visible in android, chrome on Linux (Pop_OS), will check more from home... seems smooth... will check Firefox and Falkon from home

@Notsonoble Thank you! Interesting about Falkon; let me know, thanks!

@davidrevoy as the replacement of QupZilla and likely to become the default kde browser, it'd probably be a good thing for krita community if it did...

@davidrevoy it autostarts, loops and displays well on up-to-date mobile Firefox (Fennec), Lineage OS 14.1 on Sony E5823 (Z5 Compact) but it's not smooth, it hiccups every now and then.

@uint8_t Thank you for this first test I receive on LineageOS!

argh, not smooth. Mmm. I'm not sure if it is related to the CPU or the hardware accelerated management of the video. It is a 910px large video with 60frames at 30 frames per seconds. (so, 2secondes) It might be intensive for the player to loop the frames.

@davidrevoy tested on OnePlus 6, which has much faster GPU and CPU, but it's still not smooth. In comparison, on my laptop with an i3000 GPU and Linux, it looks very nice both in Chromium and in Firefox.

@uint8_t Thank you, yes, it is defintely an issue from Firefox on mobile, I have it like 4 or 5 time on the answer on various mobile phone with various CPU powers and same result: a lag when the video loop.

An interesting test: I received that on Android mobile the version "Firefox Focus" doesn't get this lag. Surprising.

@davidrevoy iOS 12 with Safari (and I guess all other browser on iOS as well since all are based on WebKit) does _not_ work. 😭

@kurzgedanke Argh! Thank you for the feedback. This is really precious ; I guess I'll have to do researches for iOS special video tags, or things to get it to work. I thought the "webkit-playsinline" part of the video tag was the things to add. But no. :-) I 'll continue my investigations.

@davidrevoy good luck hopefully it is possible.^^ if you need someone to check again, please let me know.^^

Someone told me Apple switched from the attribute webkit-playsinline to playsinline only for autoplay. I modified it on the page; can you check again? ( , might need a refresh for cache )

@kurzgedanke Yaaaaayy! Thank you for the tests and the good news!

@davidrevoy Looks great in Firefox for Android, but lags a bit in every loop (I think always at the start from the video)

@lukas Thanks for the feedback, yes, with its 30frame per second, it might be a little bit too intensive for smaller device. I'll keep this in mind.

@davidrevoy Interestingly it is smooth in the Android Open Source Webview.

@davidrevoy DuckDuckGo browser on Android autoplays it..!

I'll see if it works with Netsurf later uwo

Also, it's a nice animation (> ω < )

@snowyfox Thank you! I had no idea they had a webbrowser for Android (I'll have a look for myself now, thanks!)

Thank in advance for the netsurf test later.

(and thank you for the animation!)

@davidrevoy Unfortunately, Netsurf doesn't support the video tag..! (At least, the version available in Debian stable)

All is well in Chrome and Firefox, as expected..!

@snowyfox Ha, good to know about Netsurf. Did it display the text "Your browser does not support the video tag." (if yes, I can probably workaround and display a gif anim as fallback)

@davidrevoy Yes, it displayed that message :/ It's supposed to be a frontline HTML5-supporting browser, but I guess they haven't got around to it yet.

The fallback GIF sounds like a good idea..!

@snowyfox Yay!!! That's really cool. I'll keep the method. Thank you for helping to get this one. 👍

@davidrevoy it doesn't display in Android Chrome (same phone with Lineage 14.1 as above)

@uint8_t Thanks! Yes, I think not all version of Chrome on Android support the mp4 now. Something tells me I'll have to propose a GIF fallback. The weird part is the webbrowser is supposed to display the content of my fallback text ( in the code I added: "Your browser does not support the video tag." to display in case the video can't display). Thanks for the screenshot.

@davidrevoy Works perfect on my Fedora machine using Firefox. Doesn't play using Fennec on Android though.

Kubuntu with Firefox or Konqueror : it load & run smoothly.
Nice work as always.

@nartagnan Thank you for the test and nice words about my work :)

Yes, Kubuntu with Firefox is also what I use, so it should be perfect 😉

Sur mon vieil android (4.1.2) avec Firefox, il n'y a qu'une place blanche (et le texte en dessous)

@nartagnan A tout hazard, est-ce que la place blanche contient le texte: "Your browser does not support the video tag." ou blanc/blanc ?

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