You know what, I decided to darken the Pepper&Carrot website for the next days. I hope this will draw attention to the risk that creators incur with censorship machines and upload filters everywhere.

@davidrevoy I guess FLOSS creators like you aren't very much affected but rather your communities. And this is a major point I have never heard in a discussion before: Communities won't get a real chance to develop an grow anymore because they live from derivating the original creator's work but this may be filtered. #SaveYourInternet

@AlinaTheHedgehog You are totally right. No risk for my website and my activities on short term. It might even boost free/libre culture. But this law can be also an open door for abuse of censorship on individuals like me who want to "change an industry"(especially on social-networks that I use to speak to my audience)if networks build commercial relations with the official book/newspaper industry who hates donation based economic models and libre licences, I'm sure I'll have pain to grow :)

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