@davidrevoy 😂️ 🤣️ Merci pour le 🐟️ fou rire !


Il reste trop meugnon quand même... Peut-être avec Chou-wawa ?

Ah, that's great!
Due to my allergic to cats and carrots I sneeze aloud every time I'm reading the comics. Now the issue has been fixed. When should we expect the patchfix?


No. We don't like dogs. We actually like Carrot. This story is about a cat. The problem is a young witch is not suitable to be the owner of the main character. I suggest that we should replace Pepper with a young boy. A cute anime boy would be more appropriate

💔 🐶
❤ 🐱

@davidrevoy maybe I'm late for the discussion, but maybe there could be an episode where Pepper figured out that Carrot was Beetroot after taking a disguise potion.

or maybe Carrot could become a secondary character throughout the story.

Allo @xinayder,

Pepper&Carrot co-maintainer here.

Reacting to clear things up:

It's not really apparent from the comics but Hereva has well thought-out magic mechanics.

Like mana a bit, but it's called Rea.

For such a strong potion a lot of Rea would be needed.

Other than tapping black holes, there's no way to get so much.

Of course we want to keep consistency to keep the comic going for years.

Later we will see if we can introduce Carrot as a side character.

Sincerely, Midgard

@davidrevoy Ou qu'il est le poisson ? Hein ! Ou qu'il est ?

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