📚 I'm making a big high quality English Pepper&Carrot comic book using only FLOSS from scratch! Here is a first blog post report (a bit technical) of my research and test with , and on 18.04.2 LTS:

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@davidrevoy I feel somewhat happy to learn that the other graphics applications have the same issues with softproofing, but that does mean we're all making the same mistake, or that lcms has some issue in softproofing :|

@Wolthera Yes :) I'm not excluding also a mistake or a hack in the *.icc too.

Again thank you for the Soft Proofing in Krita by the way and all 'color' chapter on the documentation. Super hyper precious in this project. I learned a lot.


Thank you.

I will look forward to seeing your consolidated report and to the book which sounds wonderful.

@Algot Thanks! I'll have to pay for the color proof version; negative or positive, I'll post a report about this important step in the process. I hope I'll have it around the 20 October.

@davidrevoy a while ago we were looking to print a book all writen and made with free software but we couldn't find a print that uses free software to actually print the book :(
I hope you have better luck, and you can share it ^^

cc @titi

@xaloc @titi I'll do if they does the job well in the next report! Printer reveal :D They mostly do only RPG books and comics; but maybe I haven't seen all they can propose.

Hi @davidrevoy
(and thanks for your amazing work and POV on free culture, as freedom not as beer)

About the printer... Are you saying their industrial machines work on GNU/Linux and not winsucks? Or it's maybe handcrafted work?


@titi @xaloc Thank you titi. About the O.S of the printer device itself; no idea. I assume they have Mac in house (maybe not Windows according to what I could guess of the screenshot GUI decoration from the documentation).


Thanks for the article, it was a very interesting read. (Especially since I use the same tools.)

I'm afraid I disagree with the quote, though. Prepress and printing is a complicated topic, and I feel PDF does a pretty good job at trying to be a document format that encapsulates all info a printer needs. It's a publicly available standard, and with LittleCMS being a very good CMM, if FOSS isn't really there yet, I don't feel it gets to blame the industry. (In this case. :) )

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