WIP coloring the book cover: I resized the characters and added a new idea. Thank you for the feedbacks!

@davidrevoy Great! It progress fast, that’s cool. Colors are pleasant :-)

@duponin Thank you! Yes, progress happens fast on this one, I'm very passionate about this book. But for the detailing and title art I'll do that next week and take a break for the week end. I'll probably get better eyes on monday to paint the last touch.

@davidrevoy oh man there's gonna be a book? hype as heck!

@sir Thanks! Yes; I'm making a high quality 200pages almost A4 book in English with all episode of Pepper&Carrot; and I'm making it with FLOSS only. I wrote a bit more about the challenge in a recent blog post:

backseat arting? 

@davidrevoy It looks really nice! Make sure there's enough contrast between the text and the waterfall so that the text can be read easily.

@davidrevoy ...maybe up the shadows around the title a bit? It's still hard to read.

That said, this image is VERY representative of Hereva :blobmiou:

@Parnikkapore Thank you for the feedback about Hereva; the sketch was indeed too serious to represent this world. For the title design; you are totally right. I still have this one as a placeholder, I haven't put much work into it yet; I'll probably fill it with dark colors; and fantasy-decorate it? I'll post about it later.

Being stepped on during snack time, poor creature ! 😜

@Gynux Hehe, I probably should consider writing an episode where all the creatures from the forest nearby Pepper's home creates a group to complain about her. 😂

@davidrevoy Wow, this is gorgeous.

But maybe up the opacity of the shadow of the title because it doesn't have the best contrast against the waterfall.

Alternatively you could add an outline to the text and omit the shadow, but I'm not sure that'd actually look better. :P

@phryk Thank you. True, I still have work to do for the main title (and also for painting all background plants). I might even switch to fill it with a dark color. I'll test that and post here later.

Je cherchais l'autre jour une image pour illustrer ma fiche sur Krita sur mon site (lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily). Celle-ci me paraît parfaite. Puis-je l'utiliser à cette fin svp ?

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