David: *paints*
Pepper: *gradually comes to life*
me: *stares at the palette row scrolling through like insane*

@fakefred haha 😂 now you tell it, I only see that!... *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* *color-pick* ...

@davidrevoy @fakefred When I was on the Oekaki (which has a palette bookmark), I bookmarked the base colors and switch colors really often to do all sorts of shading. It must've looked something like that too :blobmiou:

@davidrevoy I noticed that you painted some things in reverse and some things unreversed. Usually I see people flipping only momentarily to check the proportions :blobcat:

@Parnikkapore True, and it is probably not a really good habit because I often get confused when I end an artwork to choose between the two versions. I also often do the 180° rotation, but surprisingly not on this one.☺️

@davidrevoy Well, it could work if you save-as-ed the sketch so you know which orientation is the correct one :blobcat:

@Parnikkapore @davidrevoy honestly I see the opposite from what I've usually seen! a lot of times people will flip the canvas to give themselves a better angle to work on something since hands just have more trouble with some angles of strokes

I imagine it comes down to artist habit a lot
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