@touhoppai 😊 Thank you! (And thanks for hosting my experimentations.)

Quand on voit l'image on ne comprend pas comment tu fais, alors que quand on voit le timelapse... non plus 😜

When I see your artwork, I don't understand how you can be so good, but when I see the timelapse... I still not understand 😜

@davidrevoy Sehr sehr schick! Ich könnte das nichtmal mit 1.000 Stunden. :D

@davidrevoy YOU NEVER ZOOMED IN?! I have to zoom in a lot of times to work the details without too many mistakes shdkhdnsd

@davidrevoy Also: this clip really illustrates that real art takes a very long time for tweaking - you get your idea visualized very fast, but all the details then need to get filled :blobmiou:

@davidrevoy you're really good at this (but you don't need anyone telling you that :D)
how long did it take before the speedup?
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