You doing this on Linux? I didn't think these worked with anything but windows and Apple.

@Clifford Yes, I'm on 18.04LTS and this is a cintiq13HD. Wacom has a market for VFx studios who use a lot of software under Linux workstation. For this brand, the support is pretty ok.

Sorry for the probably stupid question, but how do you expand the right click circular thing with more brushes?

@Yncke Not a stupid one :) It's in the settings of Krita, under 'general' and then the 'Misc' tab. "Number of Palette Presets"

@davidrevoy Hé mais pourquoi tu as autant de brosses dans ton quickmenu et pas moi ?

@Lanza C'est une option configurable dans les settings (sous General > onglet Misc de mémoire) . J'ai mis le max 😉

@davidrevoy what's this device? (I don't read all your posts, I confess.)

@grin It's a Wacom Cintiq13HD, I wrote about it in this big article about all the tablet I owned if you want to know what I think about it : davidrevoy.com/article332/tabl

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