Montreuil signing session day 1 on Glenat Publisher booth: you were a lot, i drew non-stop! 😅 (Thank you)

@davidrevoy Look at all those books! o: What a candyland. Are they all graphic novels/comics?

@ToonLink Yes, France has a big market of comic-books in large format, hardcover and fully colored. Often with a page count over 42 pages and with a price tag around 12 to 16€ per book. When I was younger, I wasn't really interested into them (probably too expencive) I prefered the mangas translated (Dragon Ball, small and black&white was costing 18Fr so a bit less than 3€ and was available in magazine shop, not only bookstore). An industry largely disconnected from Internet webcomics I think.

@davidrevoy That's so cool! I can't imagine having so many fun choices available in one place like that. I wouldn't know where to begin.

...Well, I'd begin with Pepper and Carrot, but I mean after that. XD

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