We are quickly approaching the long-awaited 1.0 release of Inkscape! :inkscape:

To allow you to test the latest updates and improvements more easily, we just released the 1.0-beta2 version.

Grab the beta release at inkscape.org/release/inkscape- and report any issues you find at inkscape.org/report !

(currently available: AppImage for Linux OSs, dmg file for macOS, source code. A download for Windows will be added soon.)

#inkscape #beta #testing #help_wanted



Thanks for sharing another beta for Inkscape ! I could run new test on fonts, RTL, on random SVG from Pepper&Carrot.

So far, all good! Even [ar] RTL

(oh and dark theme + symbolic icons looks really cool; I'm not used to them but I'll quickly adopt)

@davidrevoy Glad that you like it :) There are even more options available in the preferences (you can use any theme that is installed on your computer, or even make your own).

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