📗 I have in my hand the first English Pepper&Carrot book done with 100% FLOSS! But I'll need to redo it and explore workarounds: colors are wrong 😩 ... article:

maybe some day you can auction it off as a very rare misprint ;)

@FiXato 😂 haha. The rare "bleached" first and single rare book.

On a more serious note, is there perhaps a smaller/independent #publisher or someone on the #fediverse with access to professional grade printer(s) you can perhaps work together with to debug the colour profiles on sample prints?
While I not someone who would be using DTP software, I do appreciate the time, effort and money you put towards this to try to get it fixed not just for you, but the community in general.

@davidrevoy I want to say thank you for the story and the work you have done with it, despite the problems you have.

@davidrevoy That's a great achievement.

Thank you for pushing the boundaries of what #freesoftware can do and should be doing!

@davidrevoy prove of concepts are always more expensive. But they have a lot of value! I'll continue to support you!

@davidrevoy I've been using a FOSS TeX macro package called ConTeXt for some time and I quite like it.

Do you do your layout frame by frame or just export a whole page and put it on the page in scribus?

@davidrevoy "But I'm doing it full FLOSS to reveal those issues, report them and aiming for quality always had a high price."

So needed! So good and very very thanks for it! 🤗

@davidrevoy Aw, it's such a shame that it didn't work. :c I'm sorry that your plan to have it on sale was stymied over such a glitch.

You've put so much work into it so far, and I can't express how much I appreciate it, and appreciate how much work you put into FOSS for artists in general. So many people benefit from all your work and it's not always clear to outsiders how much you've sacrificed to do so, so these glimpses into the process are very illuminating.

I hope the next one goes well!

@davidrevoy it sucks that the FOSS tools aren't up to snuff yet, but I'm glad you are taking the time to make it work!

Hi @davidrevoy, I can imagine your disapointment when browsing the resulting book after so much effort on it.

On one side, I am really sad for you, on another side, your tenacity is really inspiring and worthful. Thank you for your involvment and for revealing the hardest parts of the "game" too.

I agree the colors don't render the expectation, but this apart, this first book looks really good quality and looks promising for when it will come up to be completed:)

Enhearted support 'til ended!

@davidrevoy probably because of some color profile issue. Linux and Apps like Scribus and Krita are able to handle color profiles but it has to be the right one. Your local printing shop should be able to help you with that. Some shops even provide custom color profiles.

@davidrevoy Thank you for the update! I will buy it the moment it is out :)
@davidrevoy Actually, if you need someone else to pay for couple extra test prints, I'd be more than happy to help.

@voronaam Hey! Thanks for the proposition. But I already received a tiny budget for this task from a contributor. I received today the 2nd test; and I have still budget for a third test.

I'll also start a mini booklet (10pages, softcover) specificly designed to report bugs of Scribus. This one will cost less to print and get the proof.

Thanks again for the proposal, that's super nice (and thanks for your patience on the book project!)

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