New production report about the future episode of Pepper&Carrot where I detail my recent research on drawing, and workflow in general. Link →

@davidrevoy Oooooh... It's super neat seeing a glimpse into how your work comes about. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to the tutorial, if you decide to build it.

I've always admired artists who can draft accurately with a pen and no scaffolding underneath. Is it just a matter of practicing until you can visualize the structure without laying it down?

@ToonLink Thanks!

yes, I think it's a stack of automatism and a strong focus on getting a larger preview in mind of the final picture. It's still very hard to me :)

@davidrevoy Haha, to be honest, it's very relieving to know that even professionals have difficulty with the practice. Makes me feel like I have hope. XD

Thank you very much for sharing.

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