I received a minute ago the second printed attempt: worst.😩 At the same time, I start to be more familiar with all bugs, fresh or already reported (and I have ideas for workarounds). The quest continues on a path full of traps. I'll detail about it once I'll have a good result.

@davidrevoy aw.. can't they just print one A4 to show the colors? i doubt you need a whole book to check the color profile is AGAIN borked ...

@piggo The printer is a big print-on-demand company with tons of book per day. This jobs are handled by factories with printer operators; they just load the PDF, and ship the result. If the PDF has bugs, not their problems.

That's being said; next tests will be on a mini booklet to reduce shipping cost and price of the proof. Because I discover so many color management issues and bugs... V1 and V2 workflow were both correct; but result is not comform. 😔

@davidrevoy did you see this post on #krita-artists?

Maybe you could discuss with him what his workflow is...he seems very happy with his results. Just a suggestion.

@LPS The Krita part works. But I assume this thread is about an artist who send CMYK file to a publisher that manage the printed colors afterward (so Adobe color management with Indesign/Acrobat after that for sure.)

The real challenge on my side is to get full FLOSS from artwork to the printer and get Scribus to produce a PDF with the exact PDF-X1 standard and the color profile of my printer... I meet a lot of bugs on the way (things that display as if they work, but doesn't in background)

I'm not sure, would probably be helpful to speak with him directly to confirm. It might save you alot of time and effort. In english we have a funny expression, "when you assume it makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me" :)

@ELR I'll use only one POD service because I can't manage multiple (too time consuming, especially to declare taxes and manage products). I'm using OneBookShelf who already have a big catalog of comics and ship from USA and England.

@davidrevoy No issues and thank you for the information.

Other question, do you know if is there any issue sending printed books to outermost regions from Europe?


In this project the POD service manages sending the item directly to customers from factory ( and with a factory in USA and Englaud they ship world wide).

I don't have any experience managing world wide shipping for products. Sorry.

@ELR @davidrevoy A couple of years ago I sent printed books all over the world and the two (of 102) that didn't arrive were for Mexico and China. (Other copies in Mexico and China did arrive; and the Brazil one arrived but very late)

@irina @davidrevoy The problem is that some companies have outermost regions in a different state. For example, in amazon some transport enterprises have every province in spain classified in mainland or balears, so I got some requests returned due to they didn't think how to catch things far away from mainland.

ouch... that world suddenly looks very bleak rather than vibrant!

@davidrevoy 😮 Sorry to see you having a hard time specially with all the heavy work you have put into this! Hope you can find a least a work-around if not the solution for it, keep the spirit high! 🙂

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