🎥 I was interviewed (among a long list of creators) for "Leaving the frame", a movie/documentary project about artists who work with free and open license. I met the @lentcine team when I was in Paris and spent an afternoon with them. I enjoyed sharing time with them as we share a common passion for Free Libre and Open Source content creation.

To finish the movie, the team collects right now a budget. Here is a link to contribute and help this project to be a reality:

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@davidrevoy @lentcine
Just out of curiosity what do they use for video editing?

@Camille @lentcine

No idea Camille, but they'll probably reply you directly because you quoted them.

On my side, I used Kdenlive for my video channel and DvDs over the last 10 years. Some release, I struggled with bugs and crashes and went to Blender Video Sequence editor for a couple of videos.

Recently, I switched to Olive Video Editor, but so far I only edited very short videos. I need to test it on longer (10min, 20min) video tutorials.

@davidrevoy @lentcine
If you any need help about Kdenlive, don't hesitate to ask. Olive is great ( it has GPU acceleration), but not the most stalbe for the moment, according to my experience.

@davidrevoy @Camille @lentcine
Just landing here, olive-editor is one of the best free editor I ever used so far
Being used to Adobe Premiere Pro, olive feels like it but more simple
it lacks a few features and has few weird behaviors but is clearly better than others

works quite straightly and video don't lag on the timeline \o/

@duponin @davidrevoy @Camille
I (Tristan) use KDEnlive for five years. I plan to try Blender with the Velvets for compatibility with Ardour. And I keep an eye on Olive too.

@lentcine @duponin @davidrevoy
Great :-) I'd be very interested in knowing the things you like in Kdenlive and the shortcomings you encountered (cc @frd )

@davidrevoy @lentcine That's awesome that someone is making a film like that! What really annoys me about CC, the organization, is that even after all these years, they still don't have much of any compelling arguments to convince artists to release their works under a CC license. I want to be able to link people to a text or something that tells them why to do it, not just how. This film will help with that, I'm sure.

@forteller @davidrevoy Yes, we started making this film for these reasons. Thank you for your support !

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