New article on my blog: Kubuntu Linux 19.10 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide:


Question: Why do you prefer Kubuntu over Ubuntu Studio?

(Wouldn't mind a ubuntu studio review from you BTW!)

@ChrisTalleras thanks to your comment I checked out the Ubuntu Studio site again, wow! awesome refresh, it looks beautiful!

@LPS Yeah, the have been working on it for some time.

They've also had a wallpaper contenst which means with the next update the distro will have better looking wallappers made for ubuntu studio specifically!

@ChrisTalleras a little polish goes a long way! I think more and more projects are finally getting this, and that's great!

@ChrisTalleras Hey Chris! The answer is on the 'Reasons' of the article. Matching them on any XFCE based distro is not possible at the moment 'out-of-box' (GUI for tablet, thumbnails...) of course it can be done with a bit more of DIY, but this guide is to advice the most comfortable and adapted solution for visual content creators.

@davidrevoy Very nice and informative article! One Q: Is that tablet setings GUI part of KDE or a (k)Ubuntu extra?

@sproid @davidrevoy Yes, thx, i figured. This alone is worth switching DE. And a donation. :)

@hil @sproid @davidrevoy

Note that for the Wacom KCM (module for System Settings) you may need an additional package depending on the distro and that not every distro packages it

@post Yes, i found kcm-wacomtablet-git package in the AUR, which will install everything i need. (Manjaro) . Thanks!

After the death of Unity DE I came to hate gnome, tried several others and settled in KDE, now loving it. Now I see other DEs like Phanteon, xfce, budgie, deepin, more of "they are really not bad just different workflows for different needs". Except gnome, I still can understand it.

@davidrevoy Nice article! I've been a happy camper with KDE for a long time now, didn't know you made a jump of DE too, good you found something that fits your needs! 🙃


Thank you for sharing this thorough blog post.

@davidrevoy J'ai le même pied de micro. C'est quoi la lumière que tu utilises?

@obrow 🙂 La lumière c'est un cercle de LED USB qui peux varier de lumière chaude à lumière froide, un gadget pour travaux manuels, DIY, maquillage, etc... que j'ai trouvé en ligne. C'est livré avec une autre perche et une pince pour filmer avec un smartphone. Je ne me rappelle plus du nom exacte, en tout cas, grâce à son variateur de lumière et sa position froide/neutre/chaud; ça en fait une très bonne lampe de bureau, et qui consomme pas grand chose. 👍

@davidrevoy @obrow (bon après y’a trouze mille variantes d’autant de marques différentes avec autant de combinaisons d’accessoire, donc lol)

@breizh @davidrevoy Merci,
Oui il semble qu'il y en ait une floppée !
Va falloir trier !

@breizh @obrow 👍 Bien trouvé, d'après les photos (surtout celle de l'intérupteur) c'est exactement la même chose que j'ai ; même si dans mon cas il y avait une autre perche avec et la pince à téléphone portable.


For color profiles management you may want to try colord-kde (sudo apt install colord-kde, tested on KDE Neon/Ubuntu 18.04)

Too bad Wacom & Co don't support Wayland at all, Plasma Wayland is so smooth that makes X11 session looks from '90 😔

@post Tested? Is it sincerly working on your side? Because my test on 18.04, Neon to 20.04 returns it fails at calibrating and more (and that over two machines). The GUI appears, the function behind it fails. ( Most fresh report: )

@davidrevoy tested in applying the ICC profile sorry

@post Ha, thanks for the feedback. Yes, this part seems to work with conditions. (I have to investigate; it would be easy to blame nvidia-driver; multi-display as the feedback on the bug-report so far have this in common). Can you tell about your setup?


Some years ago I was involved in the rewrite of the GUI (an entrepreneur paid a KDE dev to work on the whole stack) and at the time everything worked well. Now I can't test the calibration.

About my setup I have a Lenovo Yoga 720 13'' with integrated Wacom tablet and an Intel 620 GPU.

In my experience Nvidia can be really really problematic so I only use Intel now...

Anyway thanks for your efforts in improving the situation on Linux/Plasma

@davidrevoy The settings after install is almost 85% the way I do too :)

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