This issue propagate in ICC profiles and turns all noses to red! Many artists already infected! Read how I solved it here:

@davidrevoy I hear that doesn't happen on the knome desktop. At least I'm running it now and havent seen the issue

@bkurdali @davidrevoy mmm .... I'll see if we can organise with some fablabs to 3d print color mask that you put on your tablet so you don't select infected colors ..
it's not a cure but it'll help to curb the curve in some way ...

@Olm_e @davidrevoy at least in most apps you can adjust the pressure curve directly to flatten it. That should help until the color masks arrive

@bkurdali Ha good to know. Thanks! I tried with a killall plasma-desktop then knome-desktop and then kmutterwin --replace. It works 👍

@davidrevoy Thank goodness you could isolate it! Never underestimate the power of isolation 😷

@davidrevoy #krita-devs are working with #lcms devs for a vaccine, artists on irc are requested to undergo early trials.

Maybe you can find some option to apply softer brushes... Looks like irritated

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