Us, Krita team towards new users: please don't use our beta versions for production.

Deevad, decade long floss user: *casually uses an experimental GSoC branch for production work*

@Wolthera yeah but isn't it like to new kung-fu students : "please dont't try to break a wood plank with bare hand/foot this year ... ok ?"


@Wolthera @davidrevoy
I must admit I totally tell people to use Krita Plus versions if they have a specific bug fix for a bug that bothers them... But they are usually quite safe to work with, safer than a GSOC project in the middle of implementation, I guess :)

@Wolthera @davidrevoy Do you not know keeping foss people on the edge is the new trend?

* /me nudges the qt company *


I see that as the best example of how freedom should work:

@Krita says "please don't use our betas for production" -- emphasis on "please". They advise, because they care about the consequences of their own actions for others, but they don't order.

Then @davidrevoy think "ok, I got the warning, I know the risks, and it is *my* call whether I follow the advice or not, so *I* make the call and *I* will not hold @Krita responsible for *my* call.

Freedom at its best, indeed.

@davidrevoy Love the energy in this and the abstract environment!

Wow some heavy battle happening in Pepper&Carott ? Or totally unrelated ? Anyway great stuff ❤️

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