I'm excited! Tomorrow will be the big release of the English books of Pepper&Carrot (3 comics and Artbook). Stay tuned!

@davidrevoy That's awesome, Dave.

As a side note, I used your cat avatar generator to make a picture for someone on my mobile phone contacts list.

@Ertain Thank you!

Oh, the contact list with generated cat, that's a cool way to use it. I never thought about that. Good idea.👍

@davidrevoy it looks like a picture of a proud daddy, but with less scholarship expenses to expect in the coming years.

@davidrevoy Hi David, i'll be working on some occitan translations this year with my class. We'll share as soon as possible!

@davidrevoy Congratulations, it is a great achievement. Your work deserves this international recognition.

@davidrevoy looks great! stumbled upon the contribute part and i see that you have enough people translating the comic and website to german, right? keep it up.

@davidrevoy Glad to see them out! Bought two full sets. Not sure who is the lucky receiver of the second set as a gift, could be the local library.

@voronaam Thank you very very much, and also for your encouragement and suggestion to split in more books to get more cover art ;-) It really added matter of thought in the long long process. 👍

@Jonathan Bonjour, c'est du hardcover seulement. Je viens de découvrir le lien de "librairies indépendantes" et j'aime bien leur système et présentation. ; je vais essayer d'ajouter ces liens au Shop.

J'étais rétissent avant d'ajouter la version FR car je ne voyais que Amazon, des supermarchés (Cultura/Leclerc Medias) ou la Fnac en vente en ligne directe.

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